Some Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Buying Used Servers

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For companies whose network needs range from entry-class to enterprise- Arista class servers is a popular choice. Some companies purchase the used servers used which is a testament to resilient technology. In saving money without compromising network quality purchasing used servers is a great way. If you are thinking of investing in pre-owned hardware, but you require more information about used hardware before you do, the answers below will help you a lot:

What are the types of technical support the sellers of used hardware provide?

Different levels of technical support are given by different sellers. We offer reliable support to our clients. Few sellers offer pre-sale technical support to help the customer in selecting the right product. In helping the customer configure and troubleshoot the hardware others offer post-sale support, and still, others offer both types of support. Receiving pre-sale and post-sale customer support is the best option when the customer does not have an IT department.

What changes are seen on hardware when it is refurbished?

Generally, three courses of action are involved in Refurbishing hardware:

  • Inside and out cleaning of hardware
  • Correcting exterior blemishes
  • Replacing old or worn components

Reconditioning of refurbished servers is done so that they can look and perform like new. However, it is necessary to determine how a Arista equipment has been refurbished before you purchase it, as in reconditioning not all sellers use the same process.

How the evaluation of a seller should be done?

Using the following four steps a seller should be evaluated:

  • Ensure that the seller inspects and refurbishes the products it sells
  • You need to speak with the seller’s references
  • Be sure the seller has a physical business location
  • At the Better Business Bureau (BBB) check the seller’s record
  • The professionalism of the seller is revealed by taking these steps and the quality of its products.


For companies whose mission is critical IT, objectives must be facilitated on a limited budget for them used servers are a smart purchase. You need to contact a seller of new and used IT hardware today so that you can get more information about the benefits of refurbished servers like Arista.

Some Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Buying Used Servers

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