As the clients procure any IT equipment from us, it becomes vital to safeguard their bought paraphernalia against any glitches. Herein, to ease such product serviceability dilemmas from our consumers, we offer a thirty-day restoration warranty of such specific IT equipment. Besides, we also cater to the long-term coverage options for our clients’ IT products with an additional warranty. If the IT equipment purchased by our customers is found faulty, we provide prompt next workday substitution, depending on our stock for that particular equipment.

The end-consumers should always ensure that the IT hardware they are procuring to carry the requisite warranty on such products, as some IT producer or supplier may not relinquish the aforesaid warranty of their manufactured IT paraphernalia. The warranty of all IT equipment from our end gets effective under the circumstances such as when such IT paraphernalia becomes defective and is delivered back to us for the intent of crucial evaluation. Besides, when such IT equipment is irretrievable, we provided instant substitution.

However, if the same IT supplies from our end are salvageable, we generally offer refurbishment for the same within 72 to 96 hours at the maximum. In addition, we strive to provide a substitution for the specific IT equipment within 7 days.

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