Are you looking for a company to sell your used or refurbished Juniper hardware? We are your one-stop solution. We handle both buying and selling of branded IT equipment to meet clients’ expectations. We ensure the best network equipment at the right price. We are dealing with global customers and they also contact us for their service needs.

Juniper hardware-

Juniper Networks develops and markets networking products including routers, switches, network management software, and security products, and software-defined networking technology. This brand is operated in more than 100 countries across the globe these days. It is not only the third-largest market-share holder overall for routers and switches used by ISPs but also it is involved in the firewall market and data center security appliances.

The most important thing is Juniper is one of the top brands that produce high quality and durable products that draw attention.

No matter you want to buy new or used products or sell your used or refurbished hardware, we have got you covered. You can get exactly what you are seeking. Rest assured that you are in a safe hand as SBS Data Systems is one of Europe’s most trusted sources for Juniper hardware. We hold large amounts of Juniper hardware new and refurbished in our UK warehouse ready to dispatch globally.

Especially, if you are running a small or middle scale business and want to save money on IT equipment, then we are here to help you. You can save up to 80% on refurbished networking equipment and we also offer an industry-leading lifetime guarantee.

Most countries are within our reach since we have a strong global distribution network. Rest assured that you will get your products within a timeframe. We deliver the best quality new and used products at an affordable price.

Undoubtedly, Juniper hardware is in demand for quality and we buy and sell used products. We provide a lifetime warranty on all our products. If you want to sell it, please contact us for that too.

We precisely inspect and test all the products before buying them from our customers. So you will have the like-new quality hardware for better performance. It is an affordable option. You can expand your existing network without involving in a costly upgrade or maintenance and make a top-of-the-line network in an inexpensive way.

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    If your purchase of a Juniper DX Accelerator occurs because of an upgrade in your company’s network, remember that we are also interested in buying any of your older Juniper equipment. Ask about our asset recovery and buyback services, which allow you to turn your older or surplus equipment into capital that can help pay for your next upgrade.

    If you want a quote on any Juniper Application Accelerator, you can browse our selection and add a model you like to your online quote cart. Or, you can take a few moments and speak directly to one of our talented and knowledgeable sales staff at 888-328-2266.

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