Let our expert team handle your buying and selling HPE equipment in a hassle-free way. We offer the best market prices and ensure 100% client satisfaction. We buy servers, HDDs, CPUs, server memory and other IT hardware of different brands.

We provide the best opportunity to get rid of your used IT assets of all models and working conditions. We ensure transparent IT equipment buyback services. We offer a fair price so that you can buy your required IT assets to enhance your network infrastructure.

We offer instant payment-

Do not bother about the payment. We are here to meet your demand. We believe in simple, effective, and up-front hardware buyback procedures. Rest assured that there is no delay in your payment process. Once the deal is final and you approve the final price of your IT equipment, the amount will credit to your account directly within the scheduled time.

Fair price-

No matter you want to sell or buy HPE products, we ensure the best deal. You can obtain the best returns on any used IT equipment as well as able to buy your IT assets at the best price. We guarantee that no other companies will give you the best deal like our team.

We offer the most trustworthy and fair valuations for your used or refurbished HP HPE IT equipment. We specialize in procuring new, used, or surplus HP & HPE switches and routers like fixed-port routers, modular routers, and virtual or wireless routers, along with optics and cables, security, and firewall systems, and VOIP phones.

Submit the list of your used or surplus IT assets with the model, type, and age of the hardware equipment. We will contact you within a few minutes with a quote for the submitted equipment list.

Do you need to buy HPE hardware? We also hold large amounts of HPE \ HP hardware new and refurbished in our UK warehouse ready to despatch globally. We can source hardware quickly and efficiently. Extended warranties are available and offer Quality assurance. 100% of equipment sold by SBS Data Systems Ltd is EU sourced. You will access same-day delivery and next-day delivery to most worldwide destinations.

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